If you need to get in before year ending for your child's brace, splint, helmet, collar, etc you must be scheduled no later than December 10th to be able to apply it to 2018.  We are expanding our hours to accommodate as many families as possible.  Call ASAP to get in (224) 470-8550.  

If you have not met your 2018 deductible - it may be a better decision to wait until 1/1/2019 to schedule.  

ABC Accreditation

The path to opening a quality healthcare facility has many requirements.  We are pleased to report passed our facility accreditation with the American Board for Certification in Orthotics, Prosthetics & Pedorthics.  This assures that you will be receiving the best care possible. 

Chicago Pediatric Orthotics

We are the only private facility in Illinois that specializes in Pediatric Orthotics.  We have decades of experience and have taken on many medically complex children over the years.  

Scoliosis Center of Excellence

 We utilize state of the art fabrication techniques to provide your child with the best scoliosis bracing available.   

Our evaluations are very thorough to determine precise correction techniques for each person's unique spinal curves.  

Insurance Contracting

We are contracted with most private and state insurance policies!   See the full list on the "Before Your Visit" page.  

Woman Owned Business

We are the only 100% woman owned O & P facility in Illinois.    

Call for more information (224)470-8550

AFOs; TLSOs; Cranial Remolding Orthoses; Custom Foot Orthoses; Post-op Knee Orthoses; Hand Splints; Custom Cervical Collars; Dynamic Movement Orthoses; SMOs; KAFOs; Clubfoot Bracing; Fracture Bracing; Cerebral Palsy Management; Plagiocephaly; Hypotonia; Spina Bifida; Muscular Dystrophy; Talipes Equinovarus; Hemiplegia; Hydrocephalus; Sports Injuries; and more!

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