STARband Plagiocephaly Helmets

Plagiocephaly Specialist

Pat Rogel, CO, LO, OTR/L, has provided custom cranial remolding helmets to infants for over 15 years.  This amounts to thousands of heads fixed.  Pat has seen infants wearing most other brands of cranial bands to determine that no band works as well as a STARband.  She is an industry leader treating head shape abnormalities and a regular lecturer at professional conferences regarding cranial remolding care and improvements in treatment.

STARscanner Excellence

PR Orthotics & OT, LLC, is one of four STARscanner facilities in the Chicago area.  The other STARscanner sites charge up to $300 per scan.   OUR SCANS ARE FREE!  And,  our helmet price is MUCH lower.

Plagiocephaly Helmets

One Cranial Band Guarantee

We will correct any positional head shape abnormality with one helmet.  One.  

Annual STARscanner Summit

Amazing Mentors!

These are the women who LITERALLY wrote the American Physical Therapy Association's Clinical Practice Guidelines on Congenital Muscular Torticollis(Colleen Coulter, DPT, along with Dr. Sandra Kaplan, and Dr. Linda Fetters) and Orthotic Management of Deformational Plagiocephaly (Dulcey Lima, OTR/L, CO).  They co-wrote Tummy Time Tools.  They continue to research to find the best treatments and Evidence-Based guidelines.  It was quite an honor to spend time with and learn more from these brilliant ladies.

Plagiocephaly Experts

This year there were over 100 cranial remolding industry leaders at the Orthomerica STARsummit.  Specialists who fit plagiocephaly helmets for deformational plagiocephaly were present from China, Japan, Columbia, Canada, Turkey, Korea and Germany to name a few.  All of these experts confirmed that the need for infant helmets can be prevented and that there is never need for more than one cranial o


David Kerr, CEO, Orthomerica Products hosted the amazing educational event.  He is the most genuine, down to earth guy you'll meet.  Thank you for your support and encouragement, David.