STARband Plagiocephaly Helmets

Plagiocephaly Specialist

Pat Rogel, CO, LO, OTR/L, has provided custom cranial remolding helmets to infants for over 15 years.  This amounts to thousands of head shapes fixed.  She is very familiar with every brand of cranial orthosis.   Pat is an industry leader treating head shape abnormalities and a regular lecturer at professional conferences regarding cranial remolding care and improvements in treatment.

STARscanner Excellence

PR Orthotics & OT, LLC, is one of four STARscanner facilities in the Chicago area.  One difference is that our scans are  FREE!  And, our helmet price is MUCH lower.

Plagiocephaly Helmets

One Cranial Band Guarantee

We will correct any positional head shape abnormality with one helmet.  One.