STARband Plagiocephaly Helmets

Plagiocephaly Specialist

Pat Rogel, CO, LO, OTR/L, has provided custom cranial remolding helmets to infants for over 15 years.  This amounts to thousands of head shapes fixed.  She is very familiar with every brand of cranial orthosis.   Pat is an industry leader treating head shape abnormalities and a regular lecturer at professional conferences regarding cranial remolding care and improvements in treatment.

STARscanner Excellence

PR Orthotics & OT, LLC, is one of four STARscanner facilities in the Chicago area.  One difference is that our scans are  FREE!  And, our helmet price is MUCH lower.

Plagiocephaly Helmets

One Cranial Band Guarantee

We will correct any positional head shape abnormality with one helmet.  One.  

Tummy Time!

 I often hear parents lament, "My baby hated tummy time."  Issues with prolonged hospitalization or exclusive supine positioning in the first few weeks of life, make it hard to introduce tummy time later.  

 Babies are born with an instinctual suckling drive from a prone (tummy time) position.  Babies need to get exposure to all different body positions in order to develop all of the muscles in their body.    

The photo above shows a brand new born baby under the heat lamps getting some tummy time.  This is the position that newborns will take initially.   The bottom in the air is really important to help them integrate normal human reflexes at the correct age.  They need to practice this frequently in order to learn to extend their legs which will in turn help them lift up their heads.


Keep in mind, it important for babies to learn to move against gravity without the crutch of an external device.  The best device to use - a blanket on the floor with baby on his or her tummy.  Allow them some diaper free 'exercise' time, as well to allow them to use their hips in all positions.

Watch this newborn.  See all of the beautiful movements of her trunk, hips, neck, legs, and arms?  It's like baby boot-camp.  When babies are not given the experience of these movements from a very early age, it is really hard for them to catch up with the others who did.