Scoliosis and Spine Experts


Our goal is to treat scoliosis effectively in order to prevent it from getting worse -  preventing the need for surgery,  preventing long term back pain, and instructing awareness of alignment in and out of a brace.  We utilize computer aided design to correct scoliosis curves.

Whichever type of brace your orthopedic surgeon recommends we can provide it -  GOSS, Providence, Wilmington, Boston, one piece, bivalve, and others.   

"We had the option of seeing an in-network provider, but it didn't seem like there was any genuine caring. Instead we decided to get our daughter's scoliosis brace out of network  because Pat is so great.  She genuinely wants the best for our daughter. "        (Stacy M.)

Spinal Brace Treatment


Emma Age 13

"We discovered Emma’s scoliosis at a chiropractor visit so was very unexpected and shocking to say the least. We were able to get into a pediatric specialist within two days to see what we were truly dealing with. With a curve of 17&33 she was immediately braced. So many questions while beginning to navigate our new normal. Not gonna sugar coat it, the first two weeks was ROUGH! Lots of lashing out, lack of sleep due to discomfort, discomfort in general, asking to take it off often, negotiating its use, etc...but thankfully that did subside. We found just regular seamless camis work well underneath her brace. She wears a lot of leggings so that’s a bonus in disguising it! Summer may be another story. We bought more baby doll flowy type shirts and can hardly tell when she has it on. "


Below is an example of a scoliosis curve without (left) and with a brace on (right). 

An example of scoliosis curve without and with a brace on.

Scoliosis bracing

At PR Orthotics we utilize computer aided design to make the perfect back brace to correct your spinal curves.   We provide many different types of braces - all with the same goal of preventing curve correction and the need for spinal surgery.   Scoliosis braces are usually worn a minimum of 18 hours per day.   They take some time to get used to as they are pushing your spine into a straightened alignment.

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Spinal stress injuries

ETHAN  17 yo level 10 gymnast

High level athletes endure huge amounts of dynamic stress that is often absorbed in the spine.   After over 10 years of participating in high level men's gymnastics Ethan sustained a L5 Spondylolysis.  

Spondylolysis is a breaking down (dissolution) of a portion of a vertebra called the pars interarticularis, which can separate. Spondylolysis can be a cause of abnormal movement of the spine (spondylolisthesis) and lead to long term back pain.