Children's Orthotics

We are the only private facility in Illinois to specialize exclusively in pediatric orthotics.

Custom Foot Orthotics

Let us enhance your athlete's alignment and reduce their pain with custom foot orthotics.  

Every type of ambulatory brace available

Have you been using the same design AFO for many years?  Let's explore some new options for your child.  

PR Orthotics = Chicago Pediatric Orthotics

Lower Limb Custom Orthotics

We offer your child the most experienced practitioners and state of the art custom bracing.  AFOs, SMOs, KAFOs, inserts - we provide all types of custom lower extremity bracing.  

Are you ready to try something new?  Carbon fiber?  Molded inner boot?  Spiral design?  Articulated?  

 We will thoroughly evaluate your child and see if there is something else we can do to improve their mobility.  Feel free to invite your Physical Therapist to any appointment.  

Relax and enjoy easy scheduling, convenient hours, and friendly staff.  


"My daughter has been a patient of Pat Rogel’s since she was 2.5 years old. I wouldn’t take her anywhere else for her orthotics. She is caring, patient, and above all exceptional at her job. She’s passionate about my child and we have developed a great working relationship over the years. Not only is she Renee’s orthotist, but she’s a great advocate as well."  (Michelle B.)

Pediatric & Adolescent Scoliosis Management

Our goal is to treat scoliosis effectively in order to prevent it from getting worse -  preventing the need for surgery,  preventing long term back pain, and instructing awareness of alignment in and out of a brace.  We utilize computer aided design to correct scoliosis curves.

Whichever type of brace your orthopedic surgeon recommends we can provide it -  GOSS, Providence, Wilmington, Boston, one piece, bivalve, and others.   

"We had the option of seeing an in-network provider, but it didn't seem like there was any genuine caring. Instead we decided to get our daughter's scoliosis brace out of network  because Pat is so great.  She genuinely wants the best for our daughter. "        (Stacy M.)

Chicago's Cranial Experts

We offer a free infant head shape and mobility evaluations. 


 Instruction in prevention and home exercises

 STARband custom cranial remolding helmet


Plagiocephaly Helmets

Cranial Helmets Skokie

Head Shape Experts

 "In my opinion, it is a crime that families are being sold two or three helmets for a job that can be done with only one. Another company said my son would need two helmets.  Pat corrected his severe plagiocephaly with one STARband."   (Jen R.)